Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Jett!

Our sweet Jett,

Happy first birthday!  You have been such a wonderful addition to our lives, and we love you more than we can ever tell you!  You have so much life and energy, chasing you around is the best part of our day.  We’ve never seen a kid that can crawl as fast as you, and now that you’re beginning to walk we know that we are in trouble! 

You have such a great laugh, we tickle and tease you all the time just to hear that laugh and see your big smile.  And now you have started to jabber at us when you’re playing with your toys, the only word we really understand is Dadda, but you look right at us when you talk like whatever you’re saying is really important and somehow we don’t doubt that it is.  It has been so fun to watch you learn and grow, every new thing you do is exciting to see.

Since you are our first child we’ve had to learn as we go, so there have been mistakes made along the way, like the time we turned you orange from feeding you too many yellow vegetables and not enough green ones, sorry about that.  And right now you have five little stitches in your left eyebrow from falling into the coffee table last week while learning to walk, I’m sure they will be the first of many. 

We decided to wait several years before becoming parents, but if we had known what we were missing out on we wouldn’t have been able to wait a minute for you.  This past year has been both the most difficult and the most rewarding year that we’ve experienced, and we wouldn’t change a thing.  We just love you so much, and are so grateful to you for making us into a family. 

Lots of love and kisses,
Dad and Mom